Bice-t dine-uh fr-OW?

Schönes Fundstück heute abend. How to Find a Man in Europe and Leave Him There: German Men. Habe mich schlapp gelacht. Manchmal bleibt einem allerdings ob der offensichtlichen teutschen Tumbheit, die offenbar Außenstehende klarer sehen als wird, auch das Lachen im Hals stecken.

Germans also save time when speaking. Every language cuts corners when it’s

spoken, but German takes corner-cutting to another level. When ordering from a

restaurant, a German would not say: „I’d like to have the schnitzel and fries,

please.“ He’d simply demand, „Schnitzel and fries.“ Germans have weeded most

niceties out of their language; being polite takes too much time. In Munich we

got a list of apartments for rent and called several numbers. Rather than

saying, „I’m sorry, the apartment has already been rented,“ people saved time

and simply slammed down the receiver.

(danke Carsten)

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