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Caution! Marriage!

Caution! Marriage!

Blogpause – der Berg ruft

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Skype connection problem solved

I always had problems connecting to Skype via my company network, while at home Skype on the same Laptop connected immediatly. Some versions seemed to work well, some versions not. Sometimes reboot or restart of Skype helped.

But it was not Skype. It was XP SP2, which limited TCPIP connections to only 10 – beforeSP2 this number was unlimited. Obviously there is no way to change the setting in the registry. Now I found this tool at LvlLord. It patches the typip.sys and sets the maximum number of connections to 50.

Now Skype connects like a charm. And the best thing: All my Jyve problems are solved in the same way. Even I saw in my buddylist and was connected to Skype for hours, my status in my company network was always offline. Now it changes within minutes to the right status.

Note to myself: It is not always the third party tool.


Der Kluge Morgengedanke

‚Es ist unklug, zuviel zu bezahlen, aber es ist noch schlechter, zu wenig zu bezahlen. Wenn wir zuviel bezahlen, verlieren wir etwas Geld, das ist alles. Wenn wir dagegen zu wenig bezahlen, verlieren wir manchmal alles, da der gekaufte Gegenstand die ihm zugedachte Aufgabe nicht erfüllen kann. Das Gesetz der Wirtschaft verbietet es, für wenig Geld viel Wert zu erhalten.‘

John Ruskin (Voller Text, englische Fassung) via e-Business Weblog

Google World Domination

This has been around in blogs for a while, but it is definetly worth publishing again. I am a user of Google, gmail, – a little bit scary.

Skype minor update

Skype today released an update with some minor changes. Download here. But: Still no bugfix for the hibernation problem that exists as long as I know Skype. Here is a workaround – not very smart, but it helped on my slow home computer.

Talking about Skype:

Three months ago I saw more than 1 Million users online for the first time. The viral strategy seems to work out. Today there are more then 1.7 Million users online. Lets see if the predictions come true.

Vor-, Nach und Spätlese

Kopfschüttelnd surfe ich mal wieder durch die Weiten der IBM Lotus Inzuchtpresse und stelle fest: Früher war die Welt einfach. Gut und Böse waren klar zu erkennen, schlechter Geschmack von gutem Geschmack klar unterschiedbar – und nach der wirklichen echten Lotusphere in Orlando gab es den Lotusphere Review für die Daheimgebliebenen im dunklen nasskalten Fürth.

Heute ist das alles anders. Irgendwer muss den deutschen IBM Lotus Partnern erzählt haben, dass die Kunden in Fürth Schlange standen, aus Hamburg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen und selbst Hitzacker strömten die Kunden herbei. Und da man in kargen Zeiten kein Geld für Reisen nach Orlando ausgibt, wird das Marktsegment „Lotusphere-Review-Besucher“ offenbar immer größer. Da schreit der Markt ja förmlich nach Befriedigung der Bedarfs, und Deutschland packt wieder an.

Am 2. / 3. März geht folgerichtig beim Original Lotusphere Review ohne die Kastelruther Spatzen in Fürth die Post ab. Bei den früheren Freunden aus München heisst das Ganze jetzt Lotusphere Nachlese und findet bereits am 23./24. Februar statt.

Wie es sich gehört in einem „emerging market“ für Lotusphere Reviews wird selbstverständlich auch der Massenmarkt bedient. Mit dem klaren Motto „Die Ersten! Die Preiswertesten! Die Kompaktesten!“ bitten bereits am 15. / 16. Februar die drei kranken Männer, die jetzt zusammen gesund werden, zum Lotusphere Report in Köln. Geiz ist Geil, die Media- und Makromärkte dieser Welt lassen grüssen. Man überbietet sich in Superlativen sowie schön gestalteten Anzeigen und Flash Animationen.

Das läßt hoffen für das nächste Jahr. Ich sehe vor meinem geistigen Auge den Lotusphere Review Light in Hamburg, die Lotusphere Spätlese im Badischen und die große Lotusphere Parade in Berlin.

P.S. Ursprünglich wollten wir uns an dem fröhlichen Nach- und Vorlesen auch beteiligen. Wie gut, dass wir es nicht getan haben. Wir haben uns entschieden, die Neuigkeiten in unserer Workplace Roadshow zu verkünden. Das sollte eigentlich reichen.

Blog Map

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01, via jimmy.

Shopping Tip

Too many DVDs, and CDs and not enough time to rewind? Are your DVDs running a bit too slow? The DVD rewinder is the perfect solution!

(Danke, Peter)

Siemens mobile arm for sale or closure | The Register

According to The Register Siemens will close its mobile handset division unless it can find a last minute buyer. This is probably the next big deal after the IBM Lenovo story we will see in the electronics mass market.

Who´s your Daddy?

„I am unsure as to the identity of the father of my baby; after all when you eat a can of beans you can’t be sure which one made you fart.“

One of the replies that British women have put on Child Support Agency forms in the section for listing father’s details. Here are some more genuine excerpts from the forms.

Gone fishing

see you next week…

Modemacher Moshammer ermordet

Der Modemacher Rudolph Moshammer ist heute morgen tot in seiner Wohnung aufgefunden worden, meldet SpON. Er wurde vermutlich mit einem Telefonkabel erwürgt.

Update: Mein pietätloser Kommentar ist hiermit getilgt. Daisy lebt. Und Vermutungen zum Tathergang gibt es viele.

Analyst predicts 245 Million Skype users by 2008

US analyst company Evaluserve predicts Skype stealing significant revenue from traditional telco providers. According to there will be 140 million to 245 million Skype users by 2008, compared to about 15 million total today. Those numbers exclude enterprise users who might switch to future Skype business offerings, which could reduce telcos‘ revenues even further.

European telcos are particularly vulnerable to Skype’s threat, says the Evalueserve study, because calling and roaming rates – and the share of roaming rates – are high compared to the rest of the world and local calls are charged by the minute, as opposed to the US where most people pay a fixed monthly fee.


The ultimate effect of the Skype revolution could be telecoms following the VoIP upstart’s business model – offering voice services for free with revenues coming from added services, says Evalueserve.

In this articel the planned Skype Business Services, to be launched later this year, is mentioned. Skype claims already a third of Skype users use the software for business. I have my doubts at this point. I use traditional land line, mobile services and Skype – at home and in business. I am still not able to get rid of one of these services, and I can not see my company getting rid of the PBX through using Skype.

At home I am planning to use the new Siemens Gigaset Skype Integration. Since we use Skype a lot for international calls, our phone bill dropped by 20%. And Skype will offer new services including mobile phones – but knowing german mobile phone provides they will do everything to keep Skype out.

Anyway, there is a lot of momentum for Skype. Its worth supporting it.

Notes / Domino 7 Beta 3 Features

The new Beta 3 will be released soon. Information about the new release here.

And talking about the future of Notes, Ed Brill linked to the Ken Bisconti Interview:

„Upcoming changes to Notes will mark the first significant steps in Notes‘ evolution from the premier client experience among IBM Lotus software offerings to the premier client experience in IBM Workplace, the client side of IBM’s next-generation software portfolio. So Notes isn’t being replaced by IBM Workplace; it’s becoming part of IBM Workplace, and it’s here to stay. …

Going forward Notes will support not only IMAP and LDAP and other established standards,“ says Bisconti, „but also an expanded programming model that supports Java and J2EE and emerging standards like Eclipse and SyncML. Eclipse support alone will open the Notes rich client run-time to millions of programmers who haven’t previously developed Notes applications. It’s just one example of how Notes will leverage open-source software in business-supported mode, to expand application possibilities for our customers and business solution vendors.“

Good to see the strategy evolving. I use this chart a lot these days. We will cover this on our Workplace Roadshow in February.

Do not use toilet brush for personal hygiene

I recently mentioned the Stella Liebeck award. Another great award is the Wacky Warning Label Contest. It is conducted by Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, M-LAW, to reveal how lawsuits, and concern about lawsuits, have created a need for common sense warnings on products. This years winner: A flushable toilet brush that warns users, “Do not use for personal hygiene” has been identified as the nation’s wackiest warning label in an annual contest sponsored by a consumer watchdog group. Other winners are:

  • The $250 second place award went to Matt Johnson of Naperville, Illinois for a label on a popular scooter for children that warns: “This product moves when used.”
  • Third place and $100 went to Ann Marie Taylor of Camden, South Carolina who found the following warning on a digital thermometer that can be used to take a person’s temperature several different ways: “Once used rectally, the thermometer should not be used orally.”

  • Fourth place was a label on an electric hand blender promoted for use in “blending, whipping, chopping and dicing,” that warns: “Never remove food or other items from the blades while the product is operating.” Sent in by Ken Stein of Berkeley, California.

  • In fifth place was a label on a nine- by three-inch bag of air used as packing material. It carries this warning: “Do not use this product as a toy, pillow, or flotation device.”Sent in by Christen Millard of Westerville, Ohio.

And have a look at the past winners! And it seems there is a good candidate for the next award: yesterday Apple announced the iPod shuffle. The wacky warning „do not eat“ follows the marketing slogan „Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun“. No further comments.

Raider heißt jetzt Twix

Frisch zurück von meiner persönlichen DHL Packstation finde ich das hier bei argh!:

(Deutsche Post, „Leistungen und Preise“ vom 1.1.05, Seite 3, Kapitel „Wesentliche Änderungen“)

The Chandler Project

Today I read this articel from the Boston Globe about Open Source projects entering the market – following the success of Firefox. And there I noticed for the first time the project called Chandler by Lotus founder Mitch Kapor:

„At the same time, the Open Source Applications Foundation, headed by Lotus Development Corp. founder Mitchell Kapor, is moving forward on a next-generation e-mail/calendar program, code-named Chandler, designed to enhance computing collaboration by expressing more meaningful relationships between different categories of data. Chandler is targeting its 1.0 version for late this year or early next year“

I never heard about this project before. Yes, I learned today the discussion in forums and blogs about Chandler has been around for two years. I simply have not read it.

After reading the post of Mitch and the specs at the Chandler site I think it is definetly worth to look at. Lotus Development built Agenda and Lotus Notes, so Kapor understands Personal Information Management better than most others. Chandler is not only a personal information manager (PIM), but the tool is a general information manager that is contextually aware.

So I think we should keep an eye on that project.


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