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Achtung, aufdringlicher Wasserhahn


Sofort gesehen und in Deckung gegangen im Kuchi.

Das Klingelnde Sonntagsrätsel

„Sie ist ein fleischgewordener Klingelton. Selbst die Luderliga ist

Wer hats gesagt? Und wer ist gemeint?

Und jetzt wieder Hitzefrei.

Lotus Mousepad Competition


Stefan Heinz started the Lotus Mousepad Competition. This is my contribution. It is from Lotus. It is Yellow. It is powered by Notes.

BTW: Who do you say is member of the jury?

Why Grandma shouldn´t Skydive

Die Griechen wieder

Tausende von Jahren nachdem sie von den Römern forsch überholt wurden, sind sie wieder da. Erst die Europameisterschaft – und nun der Grand Prix. Weder Europameisterschaft noch den Grand Prix habe ich mir wirklich angetan. Fußball ist nicht mein Ding, und das Liedgut der Grand Prix Teilnehmer trifft auch nicht gerade meinen Geschmack. Aber nun das. Die Griechen wieder. Die nächsten internationalen Wettbewerbe sollte man sich aufmerksamer anschauen. Wahrscheinlich gewinnen die Griechen sogar die Kochweltmeisterschaften mit einem gekonnt aufgetischten dreifachen Souvlaki.

People, Plazes, Things

Just a few weeks ago I discovered Geobloggers – and started tagging some of my pictures on flickr manualy. Until yet Geobloggers did not pick up the rest of my pictures via the RSS feed, but they are working on it. Meanwhile Steve has published a script that automates the tagging of pictures, based on the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. So lets wait for Europe beeing available in Google Maps – in the meantime my European pictures will still remain right in the middle of nowhere.

There is another service I discovered while reading about geotagging. Plazes , the „navigation system for your social live“, is a cool site that allows users to register access points to physical locations. Plazes will come out with a flickr integration, featuring automated adding of geo-coordinates from the Plazes Launcher and annotating it to your pictures.

In addition, Plazes has just added a tracking features that uses IndyJunior maps to visualize where you’ve been based on locations from which you have logged into Plazes. The result is a documentation of my current trips through Germany:

Well, this feature is really funny – but it scares me too. The vision of 1984 was the total control by the government. In 2005 we can see very clear: Its not the government. We give away our data without beeing forced – and very often we do it unsolicited and voluntarily.


Schade. Dabei ist heute doch so schönes Wetter.

May 19th: The Last Supper

Don´t play with fire – and ice

(Danke Micha)


Morgen wieder Frankfurt. Sprinter. 06:13 Uhr. Grausame Zeit.

von: Berlin Stadtb.
nach: Frankfurt(Main)+City
über: VIA: (ICE:B* SDL* GOE* F)
Hinfahrt: mit ICE

Von B* via SDL* und GOE*. Aber wieso nicht nach F*? Hat F keine Wildcard verdient? Ist F etwas besseres?

Raider, Twix und neue Akronyme

WCTME und WCTRE firmieren jetzt unter WMC. WCS kommt Ende Mai, WMC nicht. WMC gibts auch nicht einfach so, sondern via WMC PO. Und was ist nun mit IWWCM?

Ich werd Akronym Designer. Es gibt da einen großen weltweit operierenden IT Konzern, der offenbar Bedarf hat.

Worst food to eat over a keyboard nominations are open!

So what do you think is the absolute worst food to eat while using your computers keyboard? It depends on three factors, according to Becky Roberts on ZDNet

  • The propensity of the food to fall
  • The likelihood of the food becoming attached to or inserted into the keyboard
  • The degree of difficulty associated with the removal

Here are some of the worst food nominations:

  • Plain whole grain rice
  • Angel hair pasta
  • Sunflower seeds with shells
  • Rice Bubbles (with or without milk)
  • Jelly

I think Alphabet Soup could add some irritations typing on your keyboard, too. If you need help cleaning that stuff, use the keyboard vacuum cleaner.

Don´t try this at home


I used to hold my personal data in Lotus Notes – of course. I have my e-mail on Lotus Notes, my calendar, my tasks, my memos. I saved my bookmarks to a Notes database. And my adresses of course are saved to a Notes database, too.

But there is a continuous change in the way I use my personal information management toolset. I started to use flickr a year ago for managing and sharing my pictures. I started to use openBC to keep track of my contacts. I started using del.icio.usto manage and share my bookmarks. These tools have several things in common. First: They all belong to a new software category called „social software“. Second: The data is available everywhere and I can share data easily. Third: There is no interface to Lotus Notes. Yes, I know, they all support RSS and some import / export routines, all not very usefull for me. There is no need to connect flickr to Lotus Notes, because Lotus Notes is definetly not the right place to store images – but what about adresses, calendar entries, tasks? I am not talking about my business adress and correspondence, which resides inside my Notes-based CRM. I am talking about my personal information management.

First, what about managing my contacts? The Lotus Notes personal names and adressbook is still my leading personal adress management application. Syncing the adressbook against services like Plaxo (stopped using it because of missing Notes support) or openBC is not supported. Marco told me he wrote a synchronisation interface to openBC which will be available soon. So there is some hope. But will I store my personal contacts in Lotus Notes in the future? I fight with the personal adress book in Notes since years, clean it up at least once a year for several reasons – mostly because DWA mail template or other applications sync against my adress book and this causes the well known troubles. And it seems I am not the only one fighting with this. Reading the „wishlist for Notes 7“ I found several complaints about the poor personal name- and adressbook:

Notes 7.x feature requests
An address book that doesn’t look like its from a product developed 10 years ago. The address book in Notes is by FAR the worst of any PIM management out there. From annoyances like not formating numbers to not being able to e-mail multiple addresses. It is awful.

Same for Calendar. I see several needs to share my calendar not only within my company but with many other people and applications. Lotus Notes is not very good in sharing calendar entries across application. Yes, I know, it supports iCal format. I can send and receive invitations – but what about free time lookup?

Now we have the To Do lists. vowe links to a servive called ta-da. You can make you own To Do lists or To Dos for other people. You can share them and the items are available via RSS. I liked the idea immediatly. But: I live inside my Notes client.

I have no idea how to bring all these services together. Share the data across apps and people, maintain the data in one environment when working in Notes. Is the Workplace Client the solution? Maybe in the future. Is it better to componentize, use different apps that are perfect for the individual task. Any suggestions? How do you deal with these – let´s say – challenges?


Joseph Smarr:

Hi, I’m an engineer at Plaxo, and I noticed you mentioned ‚missing notes support‘ for Plaxo. It may be a while since you stopped using Plaxo, but we do support Notes currently, both syncing notes themselves (along with contacts, calendar, and tasks) and syncing the notes field for contacts (there’s a preference you have to turn on to enable contact-note syncing because some people don’t want to sync them). So I hope you consider giving Plaxo another try when you get a chance! Thanks, js



Hi Alexander, ja das Namens- und Adressbuch ist eine Katatstrophe. Die Synchronisation mit der Mailbox geht nicht automatisch und ist fehlerbehaftet, die Basis für die Applikation wurde wahrscheinliuch in grauer Vorzeit gelegt und die richtig aufgeräumt. Termin habe ich schon längst zu iCal ausgelagert. e-Mail und Apps liegen im Notes. Traurig ist aber auch, daß die Sync-Tool Hersteller für die Handys und PDA das Thema auch nicht beherrschen, denn dies verursacht die meiste Arbeit mit dem Adressaufräumen, Hätte auch lieber alles in Notes. Aber wie heißt es doch: Notes kann alles, aber nicht perfekt.


Alexander Kluge:

@Joseph: Thanks for your feedback. I see, Plaxo is scanning the Blogosphere 🙂 I wil have a look at Plaxo again. @Michael: Agreed: With Notes you can do everything, but nothing in a perfect way. I would like to find a way to stay inside my Notes client. But some of the limitations drive me crazy.


Stefan Heinz:

Hi Alexander – I don’t quite understand some people’s hype about ta-da … I had looked at it, but my own little list-db I made in Notes is far more handy – and if I want to have it available everywhere, I just need to place it on a server that has inet-connection. You do have all that. NAB – well, nothing to say against that :happy: and Plaxo sounds promising.



Some of my buddies use mac and switched to iCal. I rather live with the limitations of Notes than to ‚componentize‘


Don´t try this at home

This is absolutly breathtaking. I know some crazy guys who do these base jumps. And I know some who died for this ultimate kick.

via Stefan Heinz

Aber bitte nicht so schnell…


Was sucht Ihr hier?

Ein Blick in die Suchanfragen auf diese Site zeigt merkwürdige Ergebnisse. Der Sucher sucht die schrägsten Dinge, und dürfte wohl nicht fündig geworden sind. Hier einige Auszüge:

  • „welcher Hund passt zu mir“ (einer der absoluten Spitzenreiter! Die Leute haben Probleme)
  • „ist henryk broder schwul“ (tja, isser nu, oder isser nicht? Mir egal)
  • „astemizol replacement“ (fragen Sie mal lieber Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker)
  • „raider twix“ (ja, Raider heißt jetzt nunmal Twix)

Die Hitlisten führen Skype, diverse Lotus Varianten und der Widcomm Treiber an. Offenbar bin ich jetzt zum Bluetooth Experten gestempelt.

How Lightsabers Work

Have you ever wondered how these remarkable weapons work? Where does the energy come from, and how are they able to contain that energy in a rod-like column of glowing power?

Read „How Lightsabers Work“ at Howstuffworks :

Chances are that you have seen a lightsaber at one time or another, whether on the evening news or down at the local cantina. Therefore you know that a lightsaber is an amazing and versatile device that is able to cut through nearly anything in a matter of milliseconds.

Read on…


Freidemokraten im Auenland

SpON über die Parteitagsrede von Wolfgang Gerhardt, Fischers Möchtegern-Nachfolger:

„In aktuellen Fragen der Auenpolitik nahm Gerhardt ebenfalls konkrete Gegenpositionen zur Regierung ein.“

Auenpolitik? Wie steht denn die aktuelle Regierung dazu? Bestehen überhaupt schon diplomatische Beziehungen zwischen dem Auenland und der Bundesrepublik? Und wie stand denn seinerzeit die Bundesregierung zum Einmarsch der Orks? Gandalf, hilf!