IBM product names – reloaded

Lets say you are working for IBM and your job is to find a new name for an old product. There are a few considerations to make. Company name and brand name have to be included in the prefix. Of course the complete product name must contain five words minimum and not less than 40 characters so customers and partners have to spend more time on learning the product name than on technical training for this product. And last and most important: the new product name needs an unpronouncable acronym.

So, now to something completly different. Extended Search? Anyone remembering this product? IBM will keep it alive and integrate it like all the other search stuff – anyone remembering Raven? – into the one and only IBM search solution. And it has got a great name:

„IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition“, shortname IWIIOFE.

Volker, we need a new T-Shirt!

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  • Why not write out IBM as well. They should extend as well the productnames.

    Intelligent Business Machines WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition International Language Version Seven Release 1352 Critical Fixpack 2.

    I imagine talking 2 Admins about some differences between FP1 and FP 2 and they all spell out these long names. What a joke *lol*

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