Finally arrived in Atlanta. Heavy snow storm kept us on the ground in Berlin for hours, so I missed my connecting flight from Paris. Fortunatly there was an Air France flight going out to Atlanta in the afternoon. Well, otherwise I could have spend a night in Paris – not a bad option at all.

And for those of you who think Air France catering must be delicious, because the French are such a civilised and cultivated nation: you will be disappointed.

2 Responses to “Landed”

  • Well the problem with Air France is not the catering (in fact it was excellent on my last trip to Tokyo). But they have lost (or should I say stolen?) my bag during the flight… Now they refuse to replace the whole contents. Bastards.

  • …et en raison de la cuisine mauvais:
    1. un parachute
    2. un carte de la Bretagne
    3. un bouteille de bordeaux
    4. un lupin de fromage
    6. …

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