Trouble with Delta

I had a problem with my luggage on my flight to Orlando. Delta refused to pay the expenses when I talked to them on the phone. I wrote an e-mail, and never received an answer.

So I thought by myself: Just talk to the guys personally. I took the chance on Orlando airport right now. Again they told me there is no refund if the suitcase was returned within 24 hours to me.

I replied this is not very customer friendly And it seems to be wrong, too. Because there are different rules if you fly with an international ticket, I learned.

Anyway, this customer representative did not want to help me. There was no manager I could talk to. So I asked him where I can complain about this. He just gave me a paper and said:

„There is no refund. You signed that when you purchased the ticket. You can complain all the day long if you want. Just call this toll free number“

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  • von mir hat Delta heute für den Flug von Orlando nach Atlanta $25 wegen Übergepäck kassiert obwohl ich mit dem gleichen Gepäck von Deutschland gekommen bin (ok, jetzt ist noch der Kristall vom Lotus Award drin, aber der wiegt maximal 2 Kilo) sie meinten, das wäre jetzt ein Inlandflug, und da gelte ein anderes Gewichtslimit als für den Interkontinentalflug obwohl ich die ganze strecke hin und zurück von Deutschland gebucht habe. Und das blos weil ich jetzt noch zwei Tage in Atlanta bleibe und erst an Samstag zurückfliege. Mal sehen was Delta in Stuttgart dazu meint wenn ich mich dann dort beschwere. Franz Mattes

  • Same for me! I paid 25$ for my luggage. They offered me to remove 6 pounds from my suitcase and put in the hand luggage. But there was of course no space left 😉

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