Connector Trouble

My new IBM Lenovo Thinkpad X60 is a great machine – unless it comes to battery life which is signifcantly shorter compared to my old X30. The Dual Core obviously needs more power. But in most situations I can find a power outlet. In most situations.

But what happens if you forget your charger at home? No problem, you might think. The whole company uses Thinkpads, just grab another charger and you are saved. No. You are not! Today I realized: Lenovo changed the power connector!

If you are in trouble without your Nokia charger, no problem: you find one everywhere in this world. Like Nokia phones the Thinkpad notebooks used to have the same connector for years. Why the hell did Lenovo change this? The answer is probably „It´s a Lenovo, not an IBM„.

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  • Die Zeiten sind bei Nokia auch vorbei ,-)
    Siehe vowe:

  • I’ve got the impression Lenovo is doing everything to get rid of the good reputation the IBM Thinkpads had. This is just another example.

  • Ragnar Schierholz

    I guess we’ll all be switching to Intel-based Macs soon. From what the first tests in c’t report, they seem to be very competitive on the technical aspects. And the design, well… no comment on that.

  • Since I was researching for a T60, this information was very useful for me and so I called IBM support to find out what’s going on.

    The point is, that the new DualCore processor apparently needs more power and therefor another power adapter is required. So having another plug for these other power adapters actually is a good idea so that you don’t get mixed up.

    BTW, I’ve ordered the T60 in the meantime.

  • Alexander Kluge

    @Ragnar: You are so right. And in terms of weight, design and battery life the Apple outperforms the X60. I think its time for a change…

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