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There is a war going on whether it is appropriate to show location information in your instant messengers buddylist.

Volker decided to remove all people with stupid mood messages from his buddylist. Some guys who showed alternative phone numbers in the mood message like Michael became the next victims – and removed Volker from their list in return.

While all this becomes more and more irrational, Plazes offered a nice little feature to display location information in Skype. Well, obviously not everybody likes that, and there are some questions left about formatting. While not everybody wants to use Plazes but nearly everybody uses Skype I still think the integration makes sense for those of us who travel a lot.

Finally, in yesterdays Sametime 7.5 beta kickoff meeting we saw the location awarness settings of Sametime 7.5:

This is quite usefull. And you can turn it off, if you want to. And the best thing for people like Volker who love a clean buddylist: You can see the location information as a mouse-over.
Sametime 7.5 @ XCOM
Maybe Skype will fix this, too.

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  • Ragnar Schierholz

    Now great, another profile that I have to switch and will forget to. So even more inaccurate information is out there. Or is it possible to connect those profiles e.g. to network addresses or address ranges? Say, when I’m on network range x.y.z.* I’m at work, on 192.168.1.* I’m at home…? Now that would be helpful then.

  • As far as I understood the guys at Lotusphere they will add a feature to autodetect location information as provided by network operators. So it will be not as granular as in Plazes, but at least you will see me online in „Berlin“.

  • und nicht in „Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Germany“ 🙂

  • Ist ja gut! Der Plazes Standort ist nunmal die XCOM AG Berlin, in der Stadt Berlin, im Bundesland Berlin, mein Gott, ich habs ja gelöscht in Skype und Eure Buddylisten sind wieder sauber und schön. Das artet ja schon in eine Art Buddylist-Stalinismus aus.

    Demnächst schau ich mal bei den Querulanten vorbei, ob wirklich alles so aufgeräumt auf Euren Desktops ist 😉

  • alles super aufgeraeumt, leuchtendes Besipiel ist hier Mitch mit 250 Kontakten im Trillian.

    Also skype, ichat, verichat fuer blackberry und BlackBerry Messenger – alles tiptop – hauptsache die location information ist nicht so aufdringlich.

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