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I just received my confirmation for a test drive with GMail for your domain. Easy setup, clear UI as always with GMail and othe Google products. Everything is there what you expect from GMail – and you get over 2 GB disk space for each account. This means if I add 25 users GMail gives me 50 GB of diskspace for free. Well, for now. Looking at the admin panel my account type was listed as „Free“, so this might change.

What I miss is the calendar feature, but all accounts are chat enabled.

Next big step would be to change all my accounts to GMail. Yes, I know, its beta, but all my accounts are redirected to GMail accounts since a long time.

So the big question is: How can I migrate an old GMail account to my new hosted GMail account?

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  • Wie kann man das auch mal testen? Kannst Du mich einladen?

  • Man kann sich schon seit langer Zeit bewerben indem man diese Request Form ausfüllt. Das kann aber dauern…

  • Der Kalender kommt irgendwann plötzlich „spontan“ dazu. Das hat bei mir drei, vier Tage gedauert.

  • Quick Question for you. I also have my own domain, with a dozen email addresses. I was also invited to test drive Gmail for my domain, but the question is: Can I keep my forwarding to a local ISP for a few of these addresses ? It seems that moving my MX Records to Gmail means that all my users need to move to Gmail as well. I would like to keep a few aliases to existing ISPs. Any ideas ?

  • Joel, I think you just have to add the user and configure mail forwarding for the users outside Gmail. That should work. Martin did the same because he wants to keep the old GMail mailbox.

  • Calendaring may just take a little while to get turned on – we have it on ours…

  • cool, ey … da kannst Du jetzt alle die Erfahrungen machen, die ich gern machen wollte, ohne das Risiko eines Reinfalls einzugehen 🙂 Danke.

    Im Ernst … Please keep us posted here … VEEERRRY interesting to see what you have to say.

    Here is what I’m mostly interested in:
    – amount of spam mail? (do you have any control over those settings?)
    – do you have to turn over your entire domain to google or do you just update your MX record to point to their mail servers?
    – ANY restrictions?



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