Lotus Notes on Linux

Lotus Notes Workspace on Linux

Everybody is playing around with the new Lotus Notes 7.0.1 on Linux. So do we. Everybody is complaining about poor perfomance, 500 MB installation files, a poor installation routine, 2 GB free diskspace requirement, 600 MB RAM usage right away from startup. So do we. And everybody seems to play the „IBM bashing“ game for this. But that´s not fair. Hey, it took two major releases of the Domino server on Linux to reach the same stage of maturity as on Win32. Lets see how the next releases and Hannover will perform.

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  • But the Linux Server had major improvements compared even to todays Windows version. To name two of them: Directory Structure, Filesystem Permissions, Separation of Data and Prog, Privilege Separation (Runs not as root/SYSTEM)

  • And what about performance? what about all the limitations of the first versions? all I want to say is: Domino on Linux was NOT enterprise ready when IBM shipped it, but now it is. Some things take time – if its wine or IBM software 😉

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