Random Observations

  • THF is still the coolest airport in Berlin – especially if you start early in the morning
  • The cabs in Brussels are still black
  • In Brussels you still can get the best chocolate

Brussels is still a beautifull city. Its funny to be here again. Many of the guys I met here eight years ago while attending the AVM Consulting Academy at IBMs former training location in La Hulpe are still in the IBM business. I worked with some of them, and I still meet many of those guys in projects or on conferences. It seems to me the former Lotus community is still there – even within IBM. And sometimes it seems to me the community itself is the main reason to stay in this business.

2 Responses to “Random Observations”

  • yes, you are right: brussels is famous for it’s finest chocolate; but even more famous for it’s indescribable lakritz-salamanders! check it out…

  • Lakritz-Salamander sind doch bloß plattgedrückte schwarz angemalte angefeuchtete Weingummifrösche. Igitt. 🙂

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