A Plaze on Google Earth

Plazes on Google Earth

This kept me away from going to bed earlier then the last nights: Plazes and Google Earth. I downloaded the Plazes KML, updated my Google Earth from 3.x to 4.x, logged in to my Plazes account from within Google Earth and voila – I can fly virtually over all Plazes in Google Earth.

You can select what you want to see: Your Plazes buddies, all Plazes by category or „who is online“ at a specific Plaze. Its just a prototype, like everything what we see in „beta dot plazes dot com“, but anyway: it works great and is fun to use.

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  • SuperSexySpaceDelphin

    …and virtually flying over google earth is even cooler if you wear a blue SuperSexySpaceSuit, ideally in Goretex (as it is hell cold up there in sgoogle pace)…if you need one do not hesitate to order at:
    …and beware the female space travellers, you won’t get them rid of your bottom…

  • Hey, SuperSexySpaceDelphin, tell me more about the female space travellers 😉 Your domain is unfortunatly not connected.

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