While the „year-end race“ is heating up more and more – actually it is a year-end race we never saw in the last five years – the SPAM race seems to be open, too. Meanwhile I receive 600 to 800 SPAM mails on my domain every day. Since I switched to Google Hosted Mail I had no chance to integrate with my favourite SPAM service eXpurgate. Initially I had no problem with the Google SPAM filter, and most of the time I just deleted the huge ammount of SPAMs – I had no time to check for false positives. And I received three two five false negatives per day.

Unfortunatly I realized a few days ago, that I relied too much on Google´s Spam filtering capabilities. I found out there have been false positives – and these emails were very important to me. That never happened with eXpurgate. So I tried to integrate eXpurgate with GMail. But GMail does not offer any capabilities to turn of GMail´s SPAM filter so I can forward email and route them through eXpurgate. This is bad and I wonder why Google does not provide this option. Now I check my SPAM folder in GMail as often as I can. A waste of time.

Additionaly I spent lots of time with comment spammers in this blog the last three months. There is cheap labor out there, and the vi*gra content is entered manually every day. I will enable „word verifaction“ for this blog from now on. Lets see if it helps…

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  • 800 Spams am Tag? Wie schafft man das denn? Überall die e-Mail Adresse hinterlassen?

  • is connected to the internet more than 10 years. And it was my main business web site in the old days. So this attracted spammers, and this domain is probably in every spammers database…

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