Wake up, Plazes!

FireEagle opened into private beta today:

FireEagle is a system that brokers location information. It is designed to help users safely share information about their location with sites, services and people on the internet.

So, what is my point? Yahoo is building a tool which Plazes provides for years now. But Plazes got stuck somehow in the middle. There is still no update for the Plazer. No information about upcoming releases, no public announcements on blog.plazes.com. So whats happening over there? I still would rather use a service provided by Plazes – especially because it is a Berlin startup. But what happens if Yahoo delivers what many Plazes users wait for?

2 Responses to “Wake up, Plazes!”

  • Actually, Plazes has _lost_ some of it’s appeal when they took off the option to see others in the neighborhood, both plazes and people, on a map. Whenever I get to a new plaze, I have to type in a few letters to make the system guess which plaze I might mean. And to look up people, IÄm back to a list which I find much less attractive and useful than a map.

  • Same for me. I am disappointed about all this. Unfortunatly the do not communicate what they are working on and whats coming up (a better plazer perhaps!). Hopefully they listen.

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