Opening Attachments in Notes 8 on Ubuntu 8.04

As we upgraded some desktops to Ubuntu 8.04 nobody of these users could open attachments directly within the Lotus Notes context. Now we found a workaround:

„When a customer clicks an attachment within the Lotus Notes® client for Linux®, the Open Attachment dialog box provides the customer with options to Open, Edit, or View the attachment. When any of these three options are opened the dialog box disappears and no action is taken.

Generally, this problem is seen with attachments that are not of a common file type in Linux. However, this problem can also occur for common Linux file types such as odt and pdf.“

For Lotus Notes 8 on Linux, the paths are a little different than above. So do the following as root:

mv /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/openwith /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/openwith.old
ln -s $(which gnome-open) /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/openwith

Replace gnome-open with kde-open if you use KDE.

Thanks, Thorben!

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  • Thanks this worked for me.

  • Thank you so much for this solution ! works great for me ( ubuntu 8.10 and notes 8.0.2)

  • Works. However, I needed to use sudo before each command. Using Ubuntu 9.04.

  • thanks mate, works fine with 09/10

  • Thanks,

    Works for Ubuntu 10.04 and Lotus Notes 8.5

  • Works fine on Kubuntu 11.04, thanks.
    There’s another issue, anyway: when I want to attach a file, I cannot access SMB folders from within the „open attachment“ dialog. I guess this should be fixed at lotus notes level, but i didn’t find any „lotus notes kde integration“ package, or similar. In Gnome (Ubuntu) I could use the links automatically created within the .gvfs folder in my user profile, but in kde I don’t find such a thing (.gvfs is always empty now). Kde has Kio but I didn’t find useful informations on it. Do you now any workaround?

  • everything works here, except for the JPG attachment, they won’t open (all the other attachments, I can open).

    any suggestion? Can you open JPG attachment?

    thanks, regards

  • open attached file Lotus Notes worked for me in Ubuntu 12.04! thanks

  • Thanks alot, I tought I could live with that, but as time went by it got really annoying. Thanks alot! (Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 running Lotus Notes 8.5.3

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