Monthly Archive for Juni, 2008

Twitter Outage

Network Timeout
The server at is taking too long to respond.
The requested site did not respond to a connection request and the browser has stopped waiting for a reply.

Someone please help those guys make twitter more robust – I don’t know how to procrastinate in my work life without this very helpful service.

Maybe they can set up a second C64 with Jeff Bezos‘ money now 😉

Kein Anschluß unter dieser Nummer

Ein befreundeter Unternehmer erzählte mir heute folgende Geschichte, nachdem ich ihn telefonisch nicht mehr erreichen konnte:

Seine Firma hat einen neuen Standort bezogen und hat dabei auch den Telekommunikations-Anbieter gewechselt. Der alte Anbieter weigert sich nun, die Telefonnummern freizugeben und an den neuen Anbieter weiterzugeben.

Nun denkt man natürlich, dass es das aufgrund der Deregulierungs-Gesetzgebung gar nicht geben darf. Natürlich muß man beim Wechsel des Anbieters auch seine Rufnummern mitnehmen können.

Weit gefehlt. Der alte Anbieter COLT argumentiert, dass die Restlaufzeit des Vertrags noch drei Monate beträgt und man erst dann die Nummern freigeben werde. Jeglicher gütliche Einigungsversuch scheiterte. Minimalkonsens war die Weiterleitung der Nummer in ein Call Center, das dann den Anrufer an eine temporäre Nummer des neuen Anbieter weiterleitet.

Der befreundete Unternehmer klagte und wollte es nun genau wissen. Ergebnis: Die Richter entschieden zugunsten von COLT mit der Argumentation, dass COLT ja bis zum Vertragsende zumindest theoretisch die Leistung erbringen müsse und genau diese alte Nummer zur korrekten Leistungserbringung notwendig sei. Dass hier gar keine Leistung mehr erbracht werden muß, interessierte die Richter wenig.

Nun wird diese Klage den Weg weiter durch die Instanzen nehmen. Die Frage ist nun: Hat irgendwer schon mal etwas vergleichbares erlebt? Juristisch scheint mir diese Frage sehr spannend. Moralisch hat sich damit COLT eh disqualifiziert.

Mannschaftsaufstellung für das Halbfinale

Notes or Exchange?

Please help us finding a better answer than the official statistics, go to Volkers site and add your input.

Statistics that seem to contradict each other make me curious. So let’s put an end to the discussion how many of the worlds largest corporations use Notes or Exchange.

Go to this wiki:, state your name and mail address and use the invite key „that is the question“.

Now you can look at the current list and add your own knowledge. We should be able to complete this list in less than a day.


Trenne von Vista?


Habe Verbindungsprobleme mitte Vista? Dann trenne Sie von Vista oder kaufe Sie eine Mac.

Nokia buys Plazes

When I first discovered Plazes back in 2005 I immediatly liked the idea of a „navigation system for your social life„. I became a kind of heavy user and blogged many times about my Plazes experience. Meanwhile Plazes logged 175 places I have visted all over the world and tons of activities. It has become a huge map of my social life. But unfortunately many users from my buddylist disappeared in the last year, some stopped using Plazes at all, and lots of other companies seem to be out there ready to start similar services.

Now today in the morning Plazes announced a deal with Nokia. Nokia acquires Plazes. Congratulations, Plazes Team! I love this news not only because I like the idea of Plazes but because you are a Berlin based company.

I hope we will see now fresh innovation, a new fresh Plazes which is in Beta now – and a new Plazer 🙂

Move from Blogger to WordPress

At the weekend I finished my move from Blogger to WordPress. I stayed many years with Blogger because it was so easy to use and to set up. Not much coding needed, no database necessary, easy customization of templates and the FTP upload feature have been the pros for Blogger.

What really drove me crazy was the bad commenting system of Blogger. So I decided to move over to WordPress. In preparation for the move I choosed the K2 template for Blogger which wanted to use for my future K2 WordPress installation a few months ago.

I set up a WordPress blog on my webspace using a MySQL database provided by my hoster. I already had my own webspace and uploaded the Blogger posts via FTP. So I have all my pictures linked in my blog available on my server. No need to hot-link back to Blogger, what they really don’t like and try to stop.

Next step was the import of all my blog entries into WordPress. There is an automated import in WordPress from, but unfortunaty it did not work from my WordPress installation. I turned out that this import script only runs on a blog using a Blogspot account for your Blogger account.

So I changed publishing my blog to my FTP account and published all my posts to Blogspot. Then I set up a temporary blog account at and imported all 1150 posts including all the comments to

So this went smooth. Now I had to export all posts in WordPress XML format and reimport it to my own WordPress installation on my server. This was really a problem becuase the script stopped at about 600 or 700 posts again and again. So I split up the export file and did it step by step.

To keep all the permalinks which link to my blog I edited the Permalink Options section to use the Blogger format for posts: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html. This was the last big step to redirect from the old Blogger directory to my new WordPress directory on my server. Done.

Now I have all my posts and comments in WordPress. And I must say its a huge step forward. Working with WordPress is easy and fast. Lots of usefull plugins available. No coding skills required if you stay with the rich basic featureset.

While moving from Blogger to WordPress I removed lots of things I don’t want to use anymore. Blogcounter, Google Analytics, lots of stuff that a semi-blogger like me added for fun but never used – and what slowed down the performance.

Trying to tweak the K2 design I still face lots of css problems. I have to learn a little bit about css and PHP. But this is something I can do later.

Coffee Shop ABC

Habe mich schon immer gewundert, wie leicht einigen Kunden die Bestellung im Coffee Shop über die Lippen geht. Hier ist die Lösung: Man lerne einfach das Starbucks ABC.

Dann klappts auch mit kurzen Kommandos wie „Einen Iced Grande Cappucino No Sirup mit Extra Shot und halbfetter Milch, bitte“.

That went smooth!

Lotus Notes 8.5 / Ubuntu 8.04

That was easy. Installed Ubuntu 8.04 with English language support (German installation will let you not install the Lotus Notes 8.5 beta!). Solved my old 1920*1200 display issue: Ubuntu simple detected the screen and I have widescreen now. Happy User. Did not work with 7.10 and even after the upgrade to 8.04 I was not able to set resolution the right way.

Then installed Sun JRE 6, installed ttf-xfree86-nonfree, ran Lotus Notes 8.5 installation by executing from the installation directory as superuser. Done.

No hassle with „dash“ and „bash“, no separate Compiz installation necessary. All the headaches from my first „Notes on Ubuntu trials“ are gone. It simply worked.

And the best thing for me: calendar integration with Google Calendar on my Google Hosted App account worked immediatly.

Alexander is a happy camper now.

Ich liebe es!

Lotus Notes für Privatanwender! Immer wieder kommen auch hier im Büro Anrufer durch, die die Lotus Notes R5 Private Edition im Einsatz haben und nun mal dies oder jenes wissen wollen.

Und nun auch noch per Skype. Da muß die Verzweiflung groß sein.


Ob ich am Abend des 10. Juli mein Zelt vor dem Apple Store aufschlagen soll, habe ich noch nicht entschieden. Haben will ich es am liebsten schon heute. Das neue iPhone kann alles, was ich am alten iPhone noch vermißt habe. Auch Enterprise Messaging. Nur leider für die falsche Plattform. Aber das hatten wir ja schon. Diese Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

Bremer Social Software Musikanten

Heute gehts nach Bremen. Dort wird das hohe Lied auf Social Software for the Enterprise gesungen. Bin gespannt, wer von den Anwender-Unternehmen da schon mitsingen kann. Und wer der Esel und wer der Hahn ist. Ich persönlich kenne nicht allzu viele, die mitsingen können.

Freue mich jedenfalls auf die alten und die neuen Gesichter – sofern diese nicht eh alle in Irland sind.

Flat Pack arrived

There it is. I had to wait for a few weeks for the flat pack. The new Lenovo X300 is flat, indeed. But even if many reviews compare it to Apple´s MacBook Air, it feels like it is bigger and heavier a lot. I migrated today from an Thinkpad X60 to the new X300. The X300 is significantly wider. Good for working with the excellent keyboard, but bad for my small bag.

Some other experiences from this afternoon: The X300 has no PCMCIA slot anymore. Not realy a surprise you would say. But after I installed my UMTS card software package I tried to insert the card – and so I found out what I would know if I had read the specs. No slot. OK, have to order a USB card.

The rest of the day I had to fight with Windows Vista. The X300 comes with Vista, of course. Some of my colleagues recommended to downgrade immediatly to XP, some not. I decided to keep Vista and to learn how to live with it. So it was a big hazzle for me, dealing with that new filesystem, finding my files, getting the WLAN with Vista to work with my old Draytek Vigor router (-> very helpful link), removing some Bluetooth permissions for receiving vcards with Lotus Notes (slowed down the X300 so I was nearly about to throw it out of the window), and so on.

Now everything is fine. Some will say „better buy a Mac“. Yes, I will. Some will say, „if you realy want an X300, buy a Raven„. No, I prefer Ubuntu on my Desktop – running now Lotus Notes 8.5 public beta with official Ubuntu 8.04 support 🙂


Djemaa el Fna

I have been at this place more than 20 years ago. I traveled Morocco with an old VW Bully. 20 years ago we drove down to the south over the Atlas mountains to the dessert. Back then we saw all the King´s cities – Fez, Meknes, Rabat and of course Marrakech, which was one of the most impressive stays we had in Morocco on our tour.

And now years later we returned. It was much more fascinating like it was the first time. This time we did not just visit the old town – we lived in this town with the people of Marrakech for a few days. We stayed in a wonderful old riad, a traditional house right in the middle of the medina. The people at Riyad El Cadi were so friendly and helpful, they made our vacation an outstanding experience. Thanks to Sofia and her colleagues! I promised to recommend the house, so this is it 🙂

So even it was only a few days without mobile phone, without e-Mail, Twitter and all that stuff I have the feeling I can get used to it.

I already miss the call for prayer by the muezzins while sitting on the roof terrace, looking over the city to the Atlas mountains and enjoying olives and a good reading.