Eight Oh Two

Upgraded my X300 Windows Vista machine to Lotus Notes 8.0.2. Upgrade was smooth, startup is much faster than before. Office 2007 Fileviewer works now. Thats it. Lets see how it behaves the next hours on my desktop.

Still wait for the next Lotus Notes 8.5 beta for my Ubuntu machine.

One question comes into my mind: If something improves so much like the startup time in 8.0.2: What did they do wrong in the former 8.x releases?

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  • Alexander, I saw you ask this question on Twitter as well and I think it’s a fair question. I believe that it was a matter of getting 8.0 out to the market to deliver the functionality, and then go back and look at how to optimize the client. They continue this work going forward, so I think it’s a continuous improvement approach. Yes, it could/should have been done sooner but some of the real-world early deployments identified the areas to focus on.

  • Hi Ed, thanks for you reply. My point is Notes 8.0 is – including the public beta phase – not really new in the market. And it could have been deployed in more environments if exactly the performance issues would have been fixed earlier – Widgets and stuff are cool, but not the main driver for IT to rollout the new version. Performance is.

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