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Dieser Abend war Folter. Da hat die Welt ausnahmsweise recht. Ich war der Meinung, ich müßte es noch mal probieren mit dem Ostermeier-Theater. Aber außer Ohrenschmerzen ist da nicht viel gewesen. Die Schauspieler durften nur „rennen, hecheln, schreien und flüstern“. Wenn sich Kleist nicht schon in bester Penthesilea-Manier vorher das Leben genommen hätte, nach dieser Inszenierung hätte er es gewiß getan – nur weniger lautstark.

Kleine Läufer

Was für ein wunderbarer Lauf bei Kaiserwetter durchs Brandenburger Tor.

Nettozeit 00:21:40. Gratuliere, lieber Arthur!

Was bin ich froh…

… dass ich nicht auf dieses Telefon gewartet habe. Mein Gott ist das häßlich – und offenbar seit über zwei Jahren wider besseres Wissen unverändert. Da lebe ich doch lieber mit den kleinen Unzulänglichkeiten des schönen iPhones.


Offenbar vom Mentos Spot inspiriert, aber dennoch unterhaltsam.

Aus aktuellem Anlaß

Habe heute auch ganz knapp eine 300 Millionen Überweisung in letzter Minute gestoppt.

Kluger Copilot

Kluger Copilot

Nur selber fliegen ist wohl schöner. Habe gestern einen wunderbaren Flug mit einer TBM 700 genossen – in der ersten Reihe. Auch wenn es kurz vor Berlin bedeckt war: der Anflug über Potsdam, Wannsee nach Tempelhof war überwältigend schön.

Danke, Michael, dass Du mich mitgenommen hast!


Mobile Bordkarte

Lufthansa meldet heute:

Ab sofort können Lufthansa-Gäste auf allen Flügen aus Deutschland nach Europa die Mobile Bordkarte nutzen. Seit den erfolgreichen Tests im Frühjahr und der flächendeckenden Einführung auf allen innerdeutschen Strecken im Sommer erfreut sich der innovative Service einer breiten Akzeptanz bei den Reisenden. Zuletzt haben mehr als 7.000 Passagiere pro Woche die elektronische Bordkarte genutzt. Jetzt wurde das Angebot auf alle rund 1.000 täglichen Europaflüge ab Deutschland ausgeweitet.

Da bin ich doch gleich dabei. Morgen werde ich also mit meinem iPhone papierlos einchecken. Ein echter Fortschritt. Schade nur, dass man für die Reisekostenabrechnung doch wieder den Papierkram braucht.

iPhone won’t charge

iPhone Charging Not Supported

iPhone 3G battery life is poor. I turned off GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth now. Finally my idea was to charge the iPhone in my Audi’s built-in docking station while driving. Does not work. See screenshot above. The iPod connector is not a supported device.

This is more than annoying. Says Volker. Me too.

iPhone – my first 24 Hours

These are my first 24 hour remarks for my iPhone 3G.

What I like:

  • The iPhone feels great in your hand. And it looks good – the coolest mobile device ever.
  • User experience is the best I have ever had on a mobile device – and I had a lot of devices.
  • Browsing the web is also the best I ever experienced on a mobile device
  • PIM Apps are very easy to use – I like!
  • App Store: Great idea, installed many usefull app.
  • What I don´t like:

  • Battery life is the worse I can remember of any mobile devices I had. How bad is this! Within 8 hours the battery lost 3/4 of its power. No WIFI on. No Bluetooth. Not one phone call! And the battery is red. I know, I have to turn off GPS and 3G, but hey: this is an iPhone 3G!
  • No Copy&Paste? Can this be true? Maybe I missed something.
  • The keyboard: I like the idea, but I was not able to type any word without having to correct it or let the iPhone suggest the right spelling. It takes me double time to type an email compared to a Blackberry Pearl – and I am not talking about a full keyboard device like the Blackberry Bold. Using the visual keyboard in landscape mode would probably help hitting the right key, but this seems to be not supported.
  • And finally syncing. I am still a Windows user. I have still most of my PIM data in Lotus Notes. I don´t want to complain about the bad iPhone support in Notes again. But as a user of Google Apps I expected my iPhone to support the PIM data I am holding there.

  • Mail: No problem. Enabled IMAP, works fine.
  • Calendar? Nope. So I tried NuevaSync, a service that uses the iPhone´s Exchange connectivity to sync Google Calendar. It seems to work.
  • Contacts: Tried to sync with my google account. Results are terrible. Still have to find out why field mapping is so bad. Reimported my contacts to my Google Apps account, iPhone did not pick up any of the new contacts. Google does provide a real bad import routine, and iPhone does not sync properly. So this is useless for me now.
  • Will further look into this the next days.

    Viva La Felicitá

    E La Luna

    Musik, die einfach glücklich macht. Musik für einen italienischen Abend. Den letzten Sommerabend in diesem Jahr hat uns Eva Spagna und „e la luna“ zu einem besonderen Ereignis gemacht.

    Für die vielen lieben Freunde, die sich an diesem Abend auch in Eva verliebt haben, hier der Link zur Bestellung. Glück inklusive.

    Le iPhone nouveau est arrivé!

    Ich bin dann mal nicht verfügbar für die nächsten Stunden.

    What would you do, if you were in charge of Lotus?

    Today I had the time to read all the comments to last weeks posts about Lotus Notes‘ core strengths and weaknesses. Finally Volker asked: What would you do, if you were in charge of Lotus?. And Alan Lepofsky, now Director of Marketing at Socialtext, hits the mark:

    […] DRAMATICALLY simplify the product portfolio down to only 3 offerings: Notes/Domino, Sametime, and Connections.

    Gone as standalone products would be Quickr, Doc, Workflow, Portal, Forms, Portal, Mash-ups, Traveler, Symphony, and anything else I’ve left off. Not gone as features, just gone as stand alone purchasable units which require marketing, confuse customers and press, etc. Take their code, and weave it appropriately into the 3 products above.

    For example, Quickr does two things, file/attachment sharing and team sharing sites. The main confusion over Quickr is Domino or J2EE? Fine, remove any talk about that, by taking the Domino Quickr code and moving it into… Domino. Take the J2EE Quickr code, and make it part of Connections. Don’t talk about parity across the platforms, talk about how Domino now has file sharing and team spaces, and how Connections now has file sharing and team spaces. That is not overlapping product functionality, as both products need those features. […]

    -> read on

    I know IBM is listening. I hope they will understand.


    Google hat Humor

    Dabei könnte es doch heute unser aller letzter Tag sein.

    Update: Wir leben noch. Has the large hadron collider destroyed the world yet?


    Ze Frank (you might know him from Lotusphere´s Lotusalon or remember his famous Earth Sandwich Project) starts a new project and needs your help – no, your kids help. He makes an interactive picturebook:

    Here is what i would love to have you help me with: On each page i would like to have an audio recording of a child naming (or trying to name) the object in question. The audio will either be triggered by a button (in parent interaction mode) or will play after a time lag (in story mode). If you have a kid who’s interested, could you pick one of the objects in the set, record a very short piece of audio (<10 seconds) of the child reacting to the picture (preferably the child's voice only) and send it to me at

    Any language is welcome. We are currently working on it this afternoon. In German. It´s really fun.

    From my Inbox

    I received a few emails regarding my post on Google Apps and my sceptical view on Microsoft Exchange AND Lotus Notes. One of my friends from Denmark just asked:

    „hey alex, what happend? you are a Notes-guy, man! Are you leaving? will you work for Google? Are you about to leave our community? give me a call…“

    Dear Christian,
    1. Just wrote what I think and what I want to share with others.
    2. Yes, and still I am.
    3. Yes.
    4. No.
    5. No.
    6. I will.

    Ambient awareness

    What an interesting read about the Brave New World of Digital Intimacy, about using and consuming all that social software tools like Facebook or Twitter out there in the digital world:

    Social scientists have a name for this sort of incessant online contact. They call it “ambient awareness.” It is, they say, very much like being physically near someone and picking up on his mood through the little things he does — body language, sighs, stray comments — out of the corner of your eye.

    I have currently 642 contacts on XING, I follow 81 people on Twitter. I have accounts on Facebook, Plazes, LinkedIn, Plaxo and many other services I don’t use anymore or not on a regular base. In most cases I am linked to one physical person in more than one social networks. Every morning I see who is now connected to whom in XING. I realize while I am starting the day who posted a new blog entry or uploaded new pictures to Flickr. I see exactly those friends boarding planes on Plazes or feeling sick on Twitter. And I share my daily life with the people who follow me.

    How can I explain all that to my parents? They will never understand why people like me share daily experiences and thoughts on blogs – or in every detail on Twitter.

    For many people — particularly anyone over the age of 30 — the idea of describing your blow-by-blow activities in such detail is absurd. Why would you subject your friends to your daily minutiae? And conversely, how much of their trivia can you absorb? The growth of ambient intimacy can seem like modern narcissism…

    I had my doubts about Twitter too. Remember, I am „over 30“. But when I dived into the Twitter world it was addictive like it was years ago entering the world of blogs or the social networks like XING:

    Merely looking at a stranger’s Twitter or Facebook feed isn’t interesting, because it seems like blather. Follow it for a day, though, and it begins to feel like a short story; follow it for a month, and it’s a novel.

    So Twitter and all the other „news feeds“ have become the ambient noise in the background of my business and private life. I learn a lot about my contacts. And I let my contacts look into my life – as far as I am willing to write about my life. I definetly do not have more friends now – I mean real friends. This social software thing is not about making new friends. It is about getting to know the people I am working with or talking to – and the people I want to work with in the future. Some of them might become friends when we realize we share the same interests and the same values – or the same contacts.

    A great article. It made something clear for me. I couldn´t explain many of the experiences even if I am living in that world for years. So who is interested and „over 30“, read this article over here on New York Times Magazine.

    Filesharing and synchronizing

    I am using Foldershare, a peer-to-peer service for synchronizing files, since years. It does a good job for some usecases at the borderline between my private and my professional life. In my professional life I have Lotus Notes and Quickr, we never used Foldershare.

    In the last weeks I had some occasional looks to other services providing help in organizing files online. I tested and ran into several problems. It has a Java client and caused some conflicts on my machine. When it was up and running, was down for days. OK, its beta, but they should call it alpha at this time. Finally, it did not work from within our corporate network, because it needs specific ports.

    Last week I received another invitation for Dropbox. I have been told several times that Dropbox is actualy the best service out there for filesharing – and indeed: it is well designed, works without any problem, everywhere, on Mac, Win and Linux. From my first tests I can say: I like it.

    If anyone needs an invitation code for Dropbox, just leave a comment.

    Tweet des Tages

    Whisky, schwule Pfarrer, ABBA und der ganze Rest

    Motörhead-Sänger Lemmy Kilmister im Interview bei der Süddeutschen. Ein tiefgründiger, bewegener Einblick in das Leben eines einfachen Rockmusikers:

    SZ: Whiskey macht kreativ?
    Kilmister: Ja. Das ist erwiesen.
    SZ: Ich bin froh, das zu hören.
    Kilmister: War ich auch, als ich es erfahren habe. Tun wir noch einen Schuss Cola rein. Sind Sie ein Whiskeyfeinschmecker?
    SZ: Was ist ein Whiskeyfeinschmecker?
    Kilmister: Na, edle Tröpfchen aus’m Hochland, hundert Jahre in Eichenfässern von schwulen Pfarrern bewacht. Der ganze Scheiß.
    SZ: Nein, nein, bei Wein ja, bei Whiskey all dies ausdrücklich: nicht.
    Kilmister: Wein . . .
    SZ: Spricht was gegen Wein?
    Kilmister: Eigentlich nicht. Man gurgelt sich durch die Anbaugebiete, was? . . . Also, wir beide hören uns jetzt mal die neue CD an.

    -> weiterlesen

    Danke für den Link, Ralf. Absolut lesenswert. Das hat meinen Tag gerettet 🙂