iPhone won’t charge

iPhone Charging Not Supported

iPhone 3G battery life is poor. I turned off GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth now. Finally my idea was to charge the iPhone in my Audi’s built-in docking station while driving. Does not work. See screenshot above. The iPod connector is not a supported device.

This is more than annoying. Says Volker. Me too.

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  • I have 3 different docking devices and my iphone 3G won’t charge in any of them. I really hope this is a software issue that can be fixed with an update. for a device with a poor battery life, this is not the issue we need to have.

  • I had the same problem,

    My phone works on my Logitech docking station.
    A friend of myne has a car charger which works for his, haha.

    Ill try get the brand name for you.

    Iphone Man

  • That’s unthinkable, right? Macs never used to be quite that. I’m aged enough to think back to the very first that even had mouse support AND 2 clickable buttons, let alone all this fancy stuff they have anymore.

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  • i have china made car chargers at home and they work well on my Honda Jazz*‘,

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