Lotus Notes 8.5 Beta 2 on Ubuntu

Lotus Notes 8.5 Beta 2 on Ubuntu

Just installed Lotus Notes 8.5 Beta 2 on my Ubuntu machine while holding a telephone conference. The Debian installer worked like a charm – I even did not have to uninstall the Beta 1. Rebooted. Done.

First impression: Start up much faster. All bugs I have noticed in Beta 1 are gone now. Lotus Sametime plugin is now running properly while in Beta 1 the chat window did not open at all.

One strange thing: there is no location awareness in this release, even in the preferences for Sametime there is no tab for „Geographic Location“ settings. Can not see any reason why they removed it. Maybe the 8.5 client checks if my backend Sametime server has the right version and is location aware?

Anyway. Notes 8.5 seems to be very robust. I even had no crashes in the first Beta release. Lets start working with it.

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  • I have had no end of trouble trying to install it on Ubuntu.

    The deb package installer has been running for 20 minutes …. files exist but the installer is still running. I am wondering if it has hung or something.

  • I just installed it and it works like a charm 🙂
    Never got the earlier versions to install but this DEB-package was smooth

  • I’ve had no trouble with the installation of the Notes client on Ubuntu (8.04), but what I see is a high processor load when Notes is running – even if there are no real activities of the Notes client. Does anyone has an idea where it might come from? Does it might belong to the Java engine used by Notes?
    (Technical details Ubuntu 8.04 on an Intel core2duo T9300 processor, 4G RAM)

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