Ze Frank (you might know him from Lotusphere´s Lotusalon or remember his famous Earth Sandwich Project) starts a new project and needs your help – no, your kids help. He makes an interactive picturebook:

Here is what i would love to have you help me with: On each page i would like to have an audio recording of a child naming (or trying to name) the object in question. The audio will either be triggered by a button (in parent interaction mode) or will play after a time lag (in story mode). If you have a kid who’s interested, could you pick one of the objects in the set, record a very short piece of audio (<10 seconds) of the child reacting to the picture (preferably the child's voice only) and send it to me at ze@zefrank.com?

Any language is welcome. We are currently working on it this afternoon. In German. It´s really fun.

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