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Mein neuer mobiler Freund

Ein kleiner Handschmeichler wurde gerade geliefert. Trekstor Portable WLAN Hotspot.

Ausgepackt. UMTS Stick gefleddert und Karte ab in den Hotspot. Fertig. Alle Probleme gelöst. Unterwegs mit allen Geräten online. Kollegen mit aufschalten. Gemeinsam arbeiten. Alles bestens.

Und noch viel besser: Wer so wie ich ein iPad ohne 3G hat, der hat nun 3G in der Hosentasche dabei. Und auch Frau ist jetzt unterwegs glücklich.

A normal day in 2014

This is the result of the Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays, to name a few.

-> TAT Youtube Channel

The Sixth Sense

Awesome device for choosing the right toilet paper.



Das ist Kathrin. Kathrin ist die deutsche Stimme des TomTom 940 Live. Volker hatte uns Kathrin netterweise zur Navigation quer durch Florida überlassen. Unser kleiner Nüvi wollte sich nicht auf den Einsatz in Übersee vorbereiten lassen, da nahm ich Kathrin gerne in Empfang.

Kathrin kann alles. Kathrin findet nicht nur den Weg durch die USA. Kathrin kennt sich aus auf 10 spurigen Highways, zeigt rechtzeitig in ausreichender Qualität an, auch welcher der vielen Spuren man wechseln soll. Kathrin weiß, welche Geschwindigkeiten wo erlaubt sind. Fährt man zu schnell, schimpft Kathrin.

Kathrin weiß, wo der nächste Starbucks ist auf dem Weg nach Boca Grande. Kathrin weiß wo der nächste Kenneth Cole Outlet Store ist. Kathrin kennt die Hotels auf dem Weg und läßt das Handy gleich via Bluetooth dort anrufen. Kathrin schweigt auch, wenn man es ihr befiehlt.

Und Kathrin ist schnell. Richtig schnell. Sie rechnet schneller als alle anderen portablen Navigationssysteme.

Kathrin war eine perfekte Reisebegleiterin. Jetzt hat sie ihren Weg zurück zu Volker gefunden. Ganz alleine. Danke, Volker 😉

iPhone won’t charge

iPhone Charging Not Supported

iPhone 3G battery life is poor. I turned off GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth now. Finally my idea was to charge the iPhone in my Audi’s built-in docking station while driving. Does not work. See screenshot above. The iPod connector is not a supported device.

This is more than annoying. Says Volker. Me too.

iPhone – my first 24 Hours

These are my first 24 hour remarks for my iPhone 3G.

What I like:

  • The iPhone feels great in your hand. And it looks good – the coolest mobile device ever.
  • User experience is the best I have ever had on a mobile device – and I had a lot of devices.
  • Browsing the web is also the best I ever experienced on a mobile device
  • PIM Apps are very easy to use – I like!
  • App Store: Great idea, installed many usefull app.
  • What I don´t like:

  • Battery life is the worse I can remember of any mobile devices I had. How bad is this! Within 8 hours the battery lost 3/4 of its power. No WIFI on. No Bluetooth. Not one phone call! And the battery is red. I know, I have to turn off GPS and 3G, but hey: this is an iPhone 3G!
  • No Copy&Paste? Can this be true? Maybe I missed something.
  • The keyboard: I like the idea, but I was not able to type any word without having to correct it or let the iPhone suggest the right spelling. It takes me double time to type an email compared to a Blackberry Pearl – and I am not talking about a full keyboard device like the Blackberry Bold. Using the visual keyboard in landscape mode would probably help hitting the right key, but this seems to be not supported.
  • And finally syncing. I am still a Windows user. I have still most of my PIM data in Lotus Notes. I don´t want to complain about the bad iPhone support in Notes again. But as a user of Google Apps I expected my iPhone to support the PIM data I am holding there.

  • Mail: No problem. Enabled IMAP, works fine.
  • Calendar? Nope. So I tried NuevaSync, a service that uses the iPhone´s Exchange connectivity to sync Google Calendar. It seems to work.
  • Contacts: Tried to sync with my google account. Results are terrible. Still have to find out why field mapping is so bad. Reimported my contacts to my Google Apps account, iPhone did not pick up any of the new contacts. Google does provide a real bad import routine, and iPhone does not sync properly. So this is useless for me now.
  • Will further look into this the next days.

    Le iPhone nouveau est arrivé!

    Ich bin dann mal nicht verfügbar für die nächsten Stunden.


    Seit heute bin ich Testuser bei Spinvox. Die Einrichtung ist denkbar einfach, und der Dienst funktioniert erstaunlich gut.

    Spinvox wandelt die Sprach-Nachrichten auf der Mailbox in einer Textnachricht und sendet die Nachricht per SMS oder e-Mail. Die Spracherkennung ist selbst bei schlechter Soundqualität und starken Hintergrundgeräuschen erstaunlich gut.

    Wozu das ganze? Man bekommt die Nachricht sofort als Text geliefert. Wie oft wird man während eines Meetings angerufen, kann nicht rangehen und wartet dann auf die Pause, in der man dann die ganzen Nachrichten abhören muß, weil man ja nicht wissen kann, ob es wichtig oder unwichtig war. Und wie oft mußte ich schon beim Abhören die Nachricht dreimal wiederholen, um die Adresse, die Nummer oder den Namen, den mir der Anrufer nennt, korrekt zu notieren. Spinvox tut das in erstaunlicher Qualität für mich.

    Spinvox funktioniert mit meinem Blackberry Pearl im e-plus Netzwerk. Die anderen Netze werden auch unterstützt. Die Mailbox von Spinvox ereicht man über eine lokale Festnetznummer, daher für Menschen mit Flatrate ins Festnetz auch umsonst.

    Prädikat: Empfehlenswert.

    Wer auch Testuser werden will: Einfach hier Kommentar hinterlassen.

    Notes or Exchange?

    Please help us finding a better answer than the official statistics, go to Volkers site and add your input.

    Statistics that seem to contradict each other make me curious. So let’s put an end to the discussion how many of the worlds largest corporations use Notes or Exchange.

    Go to this wiki:, state your name and mail address and use the invite key „that is the question“.

    Now you can look at the current list and add your own knowledge. We should be able to complete this list in less than a day.


    Flat Pack arrived

    There it is. I had to wait for a few weeks for the flat pack. The new Lenovo X300 is flat, indeed. But even if many reviews compare it to Apple´s MacBook Air, it feels like it is bigger and heavier a lot. I migrated today from an Thinkpad X60 to the new X300. The X300 is significantly wider. Good for working with the excellent keyboard, but bad for my small bag.

    Some other experiences from this afternoon: The X300 has no PCMCIA slot anymore. Not realy a surprise you would say. But after I installed my UMTS card software package I tried to insert the card – and so I found out what I would know if I had read the specs. No slot. OK, have to order a USB card.

    The rest of the day I had to fight with Windows Vista. The X300 comes with Vista, of course. Some of my colleagues recommended to downgrade immediatly to XP, some not. I decided to keep Vista and to learn how to live with it. So it was a big hazzle for me, dealing with that new filesystem, finding my files, getting the WLAN with Vista to work with my old Draytek Vigor router (-> very helpful link), removing some Bluetooth permissions for receiving vcards with Lotus Notes (slowed down the X300 so I was nearly about to throw it out of the window), and so on.

    Now everything is fine. Some will say „better buy a Mac“. Yes, I will. Some will say, „if you realy want an X300, buy a Raven„. No, I prefer Ubuntu on my Desktop – running now Lotus Notes 8.5 public beta with official Ubuntu 8.04 support 🙂

    Flat pack

    I know this is not really funny for an Apple enthusiast – and I am about to become one of them 😉

    But as long as we are not allowed to use Apple in our business the Lenovo Thinkpad X300 is the best choice for me. Ultraportable and indeed everything on board. Ordered it today.


    The beauty of an iPhone. The power of a Blackberry. Funny claim. Replaced my current Vodafone Today theme with the „Today Version“ of bPhone – and it looks brilliant on my Pearl II.

    But I would rather have an iPhone with a Blackberry client instead 😉

    How many mobile phones did you own?

    Volker asks the question „how many mobile phones did you own?„. I started to count and expected something like 15- not counting demo equipement that I receive from time to time. But it is definetly more.

    So here is a short list of mobile devices I owned and I remember of:

    Ericsson GH172 (a heavy brick)
    Ericsson GH197
    Ericsson GF198 (fitted in some of my pockets 😉
    Ericsson GF337
    Ericsson T28s (very cool at that time)
    Ericsson R320s
    Nokia 8110i (yes, the MATRIX phone)
    Nokia 5110
    Nokia 7110
    Nokia 8810 (small, cool, expensive)
    Nokia 8850 (even more expensive)
    Nokia 6310 (cheap, robust, unsexy)
    Nokia 6230 (cheap, robust, my first camera phone – my son owns it now)
    Nokia Communicator 9300 (very slow, but at that time one of my favourite Smartphones)
    Motorola StarTac (cool, but scrap)
    Motorola Timeport P7389 (my first TriBand phone, bought it only for a Lotusphere)
    Siemens S25
    Siemens S35 (my first phone with software crashes – without Windows installed!)
    Siemens S40 (formerly a Bosch product)
    HP iPaq 6300 (did not like it)
    Palm Treo 600 (loved it, from this time on I skipped my separate Palm devices and stayed with SmartPhones)
    Palm Treo 650 (loved it even more)
    Panasonic EB-GD90 (don´t want to talk about it)
    Blackberry 8100 (perfect smartphone, using it now for more than over a year)
    Blackberry 8800 (still use it from time to time)

    Well, thats a pretty long list. Starting 1991 thats more than one phone per year. And I am sure I forgot some devices.


    Notizen Reloaded

    Da ist es nun also. Das neue Jahr. Die neue Mehrwertsteuer. Das iPhone. Das erste Posting in 2007. Und eine kleine Revolution im Klugen Universum.

    Während alle Welt das iPhone rauf und runter diskutiert, Apples Börsenkurs wegen eines simplen Telefons explodiert und manche Mac Freaks nach Steve´s Keynote vermutlich mit dem Notarzt zur Intensivstation gefahren werden mußten, ist bei mir die Retrowelle in Form eines außergewöhnlichen Geschenks angekommen.

    Es geht ums Schreiben.

    Schreiben, jawohl.

    Mit der Hand!

    Mir wurde ein Maulwurfsfell ans Herz gelegt. Auch das ist sicher nichts außergewöhnliches. Jedes selbsternannte Mitglied der digitalen Bohème – und Kleinbloggersdorf ist voll davon – hat selbstverständlich seit Jahren ein trendy Moleskine. Aber für einen Menschen, der sich seit dem Aufschlag des ersten Palm auf seinem Schreibtisch bzw. in seiner Westentasche darum bemüht, alles aber auch alles nur noch digital zu erfassen, von Adressen über Termine bis hin zu den täglichen Notizen, ist dies ein mächtiger Schritt zurück – oder auch nach vorn.

    Denn schon seit Jahren merke ich, dass die eigene Handschrift aufgrund mangelnder Praxis immer unleserlicher wird. Ich habe tatsächlich verlernt, ordentlich längere Stücke Prosa mit Zettel und Stift zu verfassen. Es strengt mich an. Für eine schwungvolle Unterschrift reicht es noch – man will ja Charakter zeigen – aber mehr als drei Zeilen Text schreibe ich dann doch lieber auf der Tastatur.

    Bisher landen kleine Einfälle am Tage in der Notizen-Applikation – wahlweise auf dem Notebook oder im aktuellen Smartphone meiner Wahl. Termine werden dort ohnehin eingetragen, und To Do Listen natürlich ebenso. Papierbasierte Kalender und Adressbücher besitze ich seit 10 Jahren nicht mehr. Ich kann virtuos mit Notebooktastatur, Zweifingersuchsystem oder SureType umgehen. Aber den letzten handgeschriebenen Brief habe ich vor Ewigkeiten versendet.

    Nun also die Maulwurfshaut. Notizen Reloaded. Mit der Hand. Irgendwie freue ich mich sehr auf diesen neuen Selbstversuch, die Einfälle des Tages auf simplen linierten Papier zu verewigen.

    News from the Kluge Gadget Department

    Finally the Blackberry Pearl arrived. Turned it on, connected it to my Domino BES – done. I played around with it for a few hours – and decided to send the Palm Treo 750v immediatly back. I still have the Treo 650 and some other devices, but the Pearl beats them all.

    If someone would have told me a year ago to use a Blackberry device I probably would have sent him away. But today one of my colleagues looked over my shoulder and said: „gone are the Palm OS days“. And he was right – unfortunatly.

    Meanwhile I tweaked the design, added some new themes, installed the IBM Lotus Sametime Client and hold phone conferences for hours without charging the device.

    And maybe I am the only one who has a T-Mobile branded Pearl with a Vodafone theme in the eplus GSM network 😉

    News from the Kluge Gadget Department

    Yes, its not really a brandnew device and vowe wrote nearly everything about it. But the Treo 750v is new to my collection of mobile devices. I received the Treo 750v in the right time when I started to think about throwing away my Treo 650 and reactivate the Communicator. The Treo 650 rebooted several times a day and I knew I would have to do a hard reset and reinstall all my stuff.

    I like the look and feel of the new Treo 750v. I don´t like Windows Mobile very much, but its much better than old Microsoft powered smartphones. I made some bad experiences in the past.

    Battery life is most annoying. You can not travel without a charger. Choosing between sync solution lets you choose between poor battery life and even worse battery life. Using Blackberry Connect is much better for battery life then Onebridge oder Pylon but it only syncs e-mails and calendar entries with Lotus Notes. As an IBM partner you would say: Just download IBM Easysync from the software catalogue, sync you contacts once in a while and not wirelesse – thats it.

    So I tried to use Easysync. I received an error message with no description at all. I did some search and found this IBM announcement. With access to the IBM Software Catalogue I tried to find te new version 4.2.4 which should support Windows Mobile 5. Browsing through the IBM Software Catalogue I found version 4.2.4 for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003, but only 4.2.3 for Windows XP. This is IBM. I will ask my friends from iAnywhere for a Version of XTND Connect, which IBM sells as Easysync.

    Anyway. I will keep the Treo 750v for a while. Like on all Windows platforms you will get error message like „services.exe crashed in module xyz. Send error report to Microsoft yes/no“. This sounds very familiar to me.

    And if someone would like to send me a Pearl – just do it 🙂

    Weird Treo Crash

    Just in case your Palm Treo 650 crashes everytime you receive a SMS, and the log says something like:

    Datamgr.c, Line 8898,
    DmWriteCheck failed

    I can tell you: Don´t delete the SMS Messages Database. Delete the Messages Database. Thats all.

    And I still wonder how Palm relies on third party products like Filez to do this job.

    Backberry Connect for Treo 650

    Fixed a few issues with the Blackberry Connect on Treo. Solved the calendar problem with dbScan tool – there were problems with repeating calendar entries that crashed the Treo after initial setup. Second, the timezone problem fixed itself. No changes to local timezone, no changes on BES or Domino or its OS, just installed it twice and everything is fine now. Adress book? Still no solution for that.

    But BB Connect now does what it is supposed to do. And it works.

    Blackberry Connect on Treo 650

    Blackberry Connect for Treo finally has been released.

    What it does: It provides push mail, and it works great. But I had many problems syncing my Lotus Notes calendar. Opening the calendar freezed the Treo completly – tried it with several configurations. Setting up the initial Blackberry connection without syncing the device via cradle finally worked. Calendar entries now come in wireless.

    What it does not: It does not sync the adress book. I am using Lotus Notes for managing my contact list, so I would need a separate sync tool – bad idea. My Nokia 9300 syncs with Lotus Notes via the cradle – no additional software needed. Using iAnywhere software on the Treo, contacts even sync wireless.

    Second: Because of limitations of the Palm´s calendar app, I am not able to invite people to meetings. iAnywhere fixed that in the separate mail-application, and on the Nokia 9300 its a build in feature. This also makes me unhappy.

    Some reported problems switching the internet connection for web browsing. For me it worked well.

    I will test the Blackberry Connect for Treo for a short time. What I still like is the speed of the Treo compared to the slow performance of the Nokia device. But the contacts and calendar limitations will probably lead my way back to the Nokia 9300.

    Sametime on Nokia 9300/9500


    Somehow the Sametime Client for the Nokia 9300 made it to me. But as many other testers I can not make it work on my device. It seems the client is missing something on the server side, but this is all what the log says:


    So has anybody a documentation for that piece of software? I can not get it from IBM Lotus. What version of Sametime must be installed on the server? And when will IBM deliver an official release?