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No, I will NOT search for any false positives

Just one week without checking my private email. And this is only my main account, there are over 2400 SPAMs waiting in my KMail admin account. I will delete them all. Probably there are again false positives. GMail still does not let me turn off its internal spam filter.

I will delete all spam messages. If it is important they will contact me again.

KMail goes mobile

KMail goes mobile. KMail, the Google powered webmail for, provides now a Blackberry client 😉

Navigate to from the browser on your BlackBerry and download the free application. It has the same mail interface you use on your computer’s browser. Your account stays synchronized whether you access it from your computer or from your BlackBerry. And its really fast.


While the „year-end race“ is heating up more and more – actually it is a year-end race we never saw in the last five years – the SPAM race seems to be open, too. Meanwhile I receive 600 to 800 SPAM mails on my domain every day. Since I switched to Google Hosted Mail I had no chance to integrate with my favourite SPAM service eXpurgate. Initially I had no problem with the Google SPAM filter, and most of the time I just deleted the huge ammount of SPAMs – I had no time to check for false positives. And I received three two five false negatives per day.

Unfortunatly I realized a few days ago, that I relied too much on Google´s Spam filtering capabilities. I found out there have been false positives – and these emails were very important to me. That never happened with eXpurgate. So I tried to integrate eXpurgate with GMail. But GMail does not offer any capabilities to turn of GMail´s SPAM filter so I can forward email and route them through eXpurgate. This is bad and I wonder why Google does not provide this option. Now I check my SPAM folder in GMail as often as I can. A waste of time.

Additionaly I spent lots of time with comment spammers in this blog the last three months. There is cheap labor out there, and the vi*gra content is entered manually every day. I will enable „word verifaction“ for this blog from now on. Lets see if it helps…

KMail launched today

Finally I made the move. KMail is now powered by GMail. There was no problem moving the MX-Record, setup was easy, and calendar and chat appeared somehow a few days after setup as promised.

Unfortunatly there is no easy way to migrate the old GMail accounts to KMail. So first I set up the new accounts and turned on mail forwarding to the old GMail adresses. After a few days I turned off my hosted spam filter solution and made KMail my main inbox. Spam filtering is really good and I had no false positives so far. Since I receive a lot of spam on this email address, that was one major concern of mine. So I will live now without any additional filter solution.

Hopefully I can rely on this solution. GMail is still in beta, but it seems GMail has grown up now – in Australia you do not longer need an invitation to sign up.

For KMail you still need an invitation 😉

GMail for

gmail for your domain

I just received my confirmation for a test drive with GMail for your domain. Easy setup, clear UI as always with GMail and othe Google products. Everything is there what you expect from GMail – and you get over 2 GB disk space for each account. This means if I add 25 users GMail gives me 50 GB of diskspace for free. Well, for now. Looking at the admin panel my account type was listed as „Free“, so this might change.

What I miss is the calendar feature, but all accounts are chat enabled.

Next big step would be to change all my accounts to GMail. Yes, I know, its beta, but all my accounts are redirected to GMail accounts since a long time.

So the big question is: How can I migrate an old GMail account to my new hosted GMail account?