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What would you do, if you were in charge of Lotus?

Today I had the time to read all the comments to last weeks posts about Lotus Notes‘ core strengths and weaknesses. Finally Volker asked: What would you do, if you were in charge of Lotus?. And Alan Lepofsky, now Director of Marketing at Socialtext, hits the mark:

[…] DRAMATICALLY simplify the product portfolio down to only 3 offerings: Notes/Domino, Sametime, and Connections.

Gone as standalone products would be Quickr, Doc, Workflow, Portal, Forms, Portal, Mash-ups, Traveler, Symphony, and anything else I’ve left off. Not gone as features, just gone as stand alone purchasable units which require marketing, confuse customers and press, etc. Take their code, and weave it appropriately into the 3 products above.

For example, Quickr does two things, file/attachment sharing and team sharing sites. The main confusion over Quickr is Domino or J2EE? Fine, remove any talk about that, by taking the Domino Quickr code and moving it into… Domino. Take the J2EE Quickr code, and make it part of Connections. Don’t talk about parity across the platforms, talk about how Domino now has file sharing and team spaces, and how Connections now has file sharing and team spaces. That is not overlapping product functionality, as both products need those features. […]

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I know IBM is listening. I hope they will understand.

Notes travels

So finally there will be a built-in mobile solution in Lotus Domino. IBM will release a product called Lotus Traveller in 2008 within the code stream of Lotus Notes 8.0.1.
At DNUG in Dresden this June I read on one of the roadmap charts a feature called „push mail“ in the 8.0.1 release, but nobody could give me more information about this.

So while Ed Brill talks about „push mail“ the official announcement today calls it „real-time replication“. From what I can see the solution is not a separate PIM client on the device – hopefully it uses the apps on the Windows Mobile device.

While we are working with iAnywhere/Onebridge, Nokia and RIM to mobilize data I am very curious if someone has more information about the technical solution – and about the licensing model. It will be probably free of charge to compete with Microsofts free of charge mobile service for Exchange.

Update: It IS free of charge. No additional cost. I did not read that point in the announcment.