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Lotusphere Comes To Berlin

Die Lotusphere kommt wie jedes Jahr auch nach Berlin zur XCOM. Und auch zum ersten Mal ist die Veranstaltung restlos ausgebucht.

Lotusphere Came To Berlin

Uffe Sörensen, Alexander Kluge, Kurt Fessel

So LCTY was one of our best events recently. In the last year we had to cancel several customer events because of less registrations than expected. But this years „Lotusphere Comes To You“ event was succesfull. Too many registered attendees, only a few no-shows, an interested audience – and great speakers. I think it was a great success – even if our new location is still under construction. So thank you IBM and especially Uffe and Volker who did a great job showing the latest technology around Lotus products like Quickr, Connections and of course Lotus Notes / Domino 8.

Lotusphere comes to Berlin

Lotusphere @ XCOM AG. Great Speakers like Uffe Sörensen and Volker Jürgensen. Full house. I think this will be an exciting day tomorrow at our new location.