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7 auf einen Streich


DAS ist wirklich große Klasse: SONOS bietet ab Version 7 die Spotify App als Client an. Ein Riesenvorteil, denn nun öffnet man wie gewohnt die Spotify App, nutzt das gewohnte Interface und wählt als Gerät den SONOS Raum. Die Navigation in der SONOS App zu Spotify entfällt.

Letztlich dürfte das die Welt für SONOS auch viel einfacher machen. Bisher mussten die Software Entwickler alle Musikanbieter in der SONOS App integrieren – vermutlich ein viel zu hoher Aufwand, wenn man den Änderungen der Streaming-Dienste und Musik-Anbieter hinterherprogrammieren muss.

(Aktuell ist die Version 7 noch in Beta, daher Vorsicht. Aber ich konnte nicht warten)

Spotify-Alben für SONOS Nutzer

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-24 um 08.10.53

Liebe SONOS-Crew, es wäre wirklich toll, wenn endlich die gespeicherten Alben in Spotify auch auf dem SONOS Controller erscheinen würden.

Liebe SONOS- und Spotify-Nutzer in D, bitte unterstützt -> diese Idee, damit das Playlisten-Management entrümpelt werden kann.


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Kluges Sonos Update

Der Postbote hat zweimal geklingelt – und zwei Pakete abgeliefert. Zwei PLAY:3 ersetzen nun die alten Boxen, auch bekannt als die „Katzenkratzbäume“. Die Katzen sind nun enttäuscht, die Zuhörer begeistert.

Setup wie immer bei Sonos denkbar einfach. Innerhalb von wenigen Minuten weitere Räume hinzugefügt, beide PLAY:3 in Stereo-Mode versetzt. Und jetzt: Zuhören und entspannen.

Sonos iPad Controller

The new Sonos Controller made it to my iPad. I guess this update will make the iPad my preferred tool for enjoying my music library. The SovietPod probably will stay in it´s cradle – and might get pregnant again.

Pregnant Sonos Controller

This is a pregnant Sonos controller. She left home today. The guys at Sonos will take care of her. Let´s see if we receive a lot of little controllers in return.


Looks very similar to my playlist. Seems not only vowe is stalking me.

Sonos Updates

Sonos updated to software version 2.7 – and turned my iPhone into a much better looking Desktop Controller. As far as I can see all features from the desktop controller are available on the iPhone too. Great News!

One of the best news in this software package is the integration I have waited for so long. You can now play your radio stations, and Sonos scrobbels your music and transfers the songlist to update your profile. Perfect. Thats what I wanted.

Digital Life

The end of the Compact Disc

So this is the end. The end of the Compact Disc. At least in my home. Tonight I finished ripping the last few CDs left on my desk. I did that work continiously the last months while doing some serious work in my homeoffice. I did that job with much more enthusiasm since SONOS came into my life. Music is now completely digital, even in my car with an iPod dock. I don´t play any CD anymore.

Many years ago I sold my turntable equipement. I sold lots of vinyl on ebay. And made unexpected money with it. But what about the CDs? I guess there is no market for it. Life is digital now. And the SONOS makes it so easy to cope with that. So good bye, dear CD.

Update: I am not alone. „We don’t need no stinkin‘ CDs

Alexander is a happy camper, too

Shortly before christmas me and some other folks received a package from Sonos. Since I first read Volkers posting about Sonos back in 2006 I was infected by the Sonos virus. Since then I searched for the most convenient way to access my music library and to enjoy all the music I added in the last years. Of course I listened to that music via my iPod or the Altec Lansing inMotion iPod dock. But after all searches I always came back to the Sonos.

Now the Sonos has landed. Setup was easy thanks to the this best practice guide. Only remark: do not start with a Zone Bridge, connect a Zone Player first, follow the step by step instructions, and then connect the Zone Bridge to your router. Today I only run one Zone with one ZP80 because I have not decided yet which speaker to choose to connect to the ZP100.

Added the music library on my D-LINK DNS-323 to the Sonos. Music gets indexed very fast, it even adds all the playlists from my iTunes library. Then added the stream URLs of my favorite local radio stations and of course the stream for my kids favorite radio station 😉

I am very impressed. I am listing to music I have not listened to for a long time. It is so much fun to scroll through my library sitting on my couch. Using the Sonos sound system now for a few days changed the way I am listing to my music very much. I can recommend this thing for every music lover out there.