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Lotusphere Preparation

This year everything is different. Last 15 years I was part of the IBM Lotus business partner community. Now I am not. Last 15 years I worked with Lotus Notes. Now I don´t. But one thing remains the same: I travel to Florida end of January and visit Lotusphere 2009.

This year I am part of the Lotusphere 2009 Blogger Program.

„The Lotusphere 2009 Blogger Program combines access to press conferences, key IBM executives, and one-time-only events designed to show bloggers a side of Lotus/Lotusphere they have never seen before.  Bloggers in the program will have special access to senior Lotus executives, an exclusive advance-look at some news items, early access to the exhibit hall, and of course lots of time to visit conference sessions and speak with customers and partners. There will be surprises along the way and lots of opportunities to network with IBMers and other attendees.“

So thank you IBM for inviting me. It will be a great pleasure for me to attend this conference and look at it from a different perspective – personally and from a business point of view.

Looking back preparation for Lotusphere was easy in the good old times. There was an official Lotusphere site and – much more important – Gonzos Unofficial Lotusphere site. That was it back then.

Today when I finished my work, changed my mood to „Lotusphere“ and started crawling through all the different Lotusphere sources I was really confused: Lotusphere Blogs all over the place, offical and unoffical Twitter streams, LinkedIn Groups, …

First thing now: Manage my schedule. The last years the Lotusphere session database worked pretty well for me as a Lotus Notes user. This year I want to have it on my MacBook and on my iPhone. No Lotus Notes installed. This will be the first challenge for today.

Lotusphere Online


One of the first emails in my Inbox this year: Lotusphere Online is open. Looks very good, most parts I visited are Domino based. A lot of session presentations are available as PDF. Schedule database is somehow slow, but building the schedule was much easier than last year when I had to fight a lot of errors.

Update: Well, ok then. My attempt to connect to Volker was denied by WebSphere Lotus Connections.


Since I left my old job in October and set up my new company I worked on so many Non-Lotus related things I nearly forgot about Lotusphere.

I have been to Lotusphere Orlando all the last years, I have visited Lotusphere Europe back in the old days – and I will be there 2009. Thanks to IBM I took the chance to see what´s next in the collaboration business. This time I will be there as a consultant, not as a reseller and software developer. My role has changed, probably my point of view, too.

I am happy to meet lots of people I know for years now. See you there in January.