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Ze Frank (you might know him from Lotusphere´s Lotusalon or remember his famous Earth Sandwich Project) starts a new project and needs your help – no, your kids help. He makes an interactive picturebook:

Here is what i would love to have you help me with: On each page i would like to have an audio recording of a child naming (or trying to name) the object in question. The audio will either be triggered by a button (in parent interaction mode) or will play after a time lag (in story mode). If you have a kid who’s interested, could you pick one of the objects in the set, record a very short piece of audio (<10 seconds) of the child reacting to the picture (preferably the child's voice only) and send it to me at ze@zefrank.com?

Any language is welcome. We are currently working on it this afternoon. In German. It´s really fun.

Lotusalon 2.08

Lotusalon 2.08

Went after the Opening General Session to the Lotusalon 2.08. This was really entertaining – and another interesting example what all this social software web 2.0 buzz is about. To hear people like Ze Frank, Golan Levin and Jane McGonigal speaking about gaming, lifestyle, creativity, communication and collaboration in these times with all these new tools and services out there in the web was very motivating to think out of the box. Like especially Golan Levins „telesymphony“ project and Ze Franks „earth sandwich project„. And anybody out there who wants to dress up his vacuum cleaner? 😉

Cool event, enjoyed it very much.

Time to cool down now and think about the impact of this years announcements for my business.